Application possibilities of Terra-Grid E 35

Convince yourself of our wide range of possibilities that we can offer you to secure your grounds.

Equestrian Sport

Fixed paddocks and riding arenas are basic requirements for successful horse sports. With TERRA-GRID E 35 you create these conditions, thanks to the massive grid structure and at the same time elastic areas, TERRA-GRID E 35 is best suited.

Running and open stables, active stables and riding areas, riding halls can be fixed quickly and effectively with TERRA-GRID E 35.

Geotextiles for the necessary substructure and additives for the pedal layer for your riding arena complete our product range.

TERRA-GRID E 35+, the paddock and riding area plate without substructure can simply leave on a stable natural ground. The unique combination of separating and support plate provides fast stabilization and attachment in your riding facility.

Reinforced Runways and Airfields with TERRA-GRID E 35

With TERRA-GRID E 35 extend your flight season. Your grass runway becomes reinforcement, the rolling resistance is reduced. Short start distances minimize the noise level and a safe landing is possible even in bad weather.

With our BIG-MARKER you can permanently mark your runway according to legal requirements. The combination of the support plate and the marking means there are no displacements and different subsoils.

Grassreinforcement for Parking & Civil Engineering

Reinforced but not sealed surfaces are our main focus.

With TERRA-GRID E 35, you can create grass reinforcement for parking and storage areas that meet these requirements. With TERRA-GRID E 35, you can also meet the latest requirements in the fire service area.

Quick installation with and without substructure are possible. TERRA-GRID E 35 can be installed and rolled directly onto the existing lawn. It is also possible to fill a gravel or round pebble.