Ground and grass reinforcement in landscaping and civil engineering

Further information on TERRA-GRID E® 35 in parking and civil engineering

Installation Guides and application examples

Construction instructions for landscaping and civil engineering

This design is particularly suitable for parking or storage spaces.

Construction of lawns with ground grid

Residual decay – No civil engineering work – Secured drainage without draining – High load capacity

Lawns/ parking area with TERRA- GRID E® 35 Structure of Layers

Building parking area with TERRA- GRID E® 35 Structure of layers, conventionally driveable

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Grass reinforcement with TERRA-GRID E® 35

Green parking areas grassreinforcement with TERRA-GRID E® 35 are easy to create, and extremely easy to maintain.

The pitches are fixed directly on existing lawns, the grass is not damaged and the grids can be used immediately after the completion.

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Green carpark reinforced with TERRA-GRID E® 35 in Dubai

Green spaces in the middle of the desert, with TERRA-GRID E® 35, this dream comes true. In Dubai, we have installed and reinforced parking lots with permanent greenery.

High temperatures and the intense sunshine are no problem for TERRA-GRID E® 35. The parking lot is also used as a park-like facility in order to create a pleasant environment for visitors and employees.

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Fastening with pebbles

Quick, easy-to-use ground mounting with TERRA-GRID E® 35 are just some of the advantages of our system. Particularly in the old building area, paving work is not always possible, the requirement for non-sealed surfaces is also becoming ever greater.

With TERRA-GRID E® 35, driving and parking areas can be installed quickly, without the need for further sealing. In practice, the filling with round pebbles has proven to be particularly successful, since it is always a clean and easy-care area.

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Application of Terra-Grid on campsite

Wet weather, poor soil conditions are a negative aspect for every campsite.

With TERRA-GRID E® 35, the soils can be permanently reinforced to camping sites without changing their appearance. Green lawns or beach-feeling at the coast are preserved.

The campers have solid ground under the feet and the caravan. When shunting, there are no lanes, the arrival and departure are no problem.

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Fixing heavy load

Forklift traffic, are the most stressed areas in the traffic route. Due to the small bearing surfaces of the wheels and high loads, which must be moved, each material is subjected to extreme stress.

TERRA-GRID E® 35 can withstand these loads; the load distribution through the chamber structure of the plastic mesh is ideal. The substructure for these structures must also be able to accommodate these loads.

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Fire brigade access

The new requirements for fire entrances and installation areas are clearly regulated in DIN 14090. The surfaces must be fixed and withstand the corresponding axle and support loads of the fire brigade.

TERRA-GRID E® 35 meets all these requirements in connection with the necessary preliminary work in the substructure. You can also create the required markings with our system.

The green areas can be maintained as usual, there are no unsightly paving areas in the middle of the green space.

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Shooting range with Terra-Grid E® 35

Clean maintenance and walking paths are also desired in the shooting sports (Target Ranges). The challenge is to secure the ground with TERRA-GRID E® 35 so there are no obstructions that may pose as a hazard to the shooter and ricochet.

This is ensured by TERRA-GRID E® 35, the projectiles penetrate directly into the plastic, and no further dangers can arise.

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Fitting golf course with TERRA-GRID E® 35

Highly used areas in golfing are a big challenge for the Green keeper. It should be full green, the players should also have a proper stand.

Many golf courses have recognized this problem, and work with TERRA-GRID E® 35 on the heavily used areas. The easy installation on the existing lawn layer is quick and easy to do.

There is no need for big machines on the gold course, and within a short time it’s green again.

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Application in greenhouse

No stagnation and well-ventilated soil are the basic conditions for rich, healthy soil in greenhouses.

This promotes advanced growth in plant cultivation.

In the case of cohesive soils, the compaction is rapid and the water can no longer flow off. This can lead to mould and fungi.

With TERRA-GRID E® 35 you can create optimal soil conditions in commercial as well as in private plant cultivation.

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