Parking & Civil Engineering

Novus: HM offers you system components for fixed green areas, quickly and cost-effectively, and without floor sealing.

Terra-Grid E 35

With TERRA-GRID E 35 the surfaces are fixed but not sealed.

There are no limits to your freedom to design, whether for parking or storage areas, for fire brigades and access roads.

Loads up to 160 t / m² no problem.

Areas of application for civil engineering and landscaping

  • Parking spaces
  • Camping
  • Fire brigade
  • Site Access
  • Container Station
  • Green Roofs
  • Protection of embankments and rivers
  • Erosion control
  • Banquet fixing
  • Walking and parking spaces

TERRA-GRID E 35 is installed on an event surface and fitted with a heavy vibrating plate.

The advantages of Terra-Grid E 35 in Parking & Civil Engineering

  • Advantage 1
    Advantage 1

    The complete substructure can be saved.

  • Advantage 2
    Advantage 2

    The existing lawns are simply attached with Terra-Grid.

  • Advantage 3
    Advantage 3

    An immediate penetration of the surface after laying is given.

  • Advantage 4
    Advantage 4

    Due to the large contact surfaces of the inside of Terra-Grid, the rising soil pressure is evenly distributed.

  • Advantage 5
    Advantage 5

    The surface is fixed and passable, but not sealed.

  • Advantage 6
    Advantage 6

    The surface of Terra-Grid is pimpled, providing an optimal hold.

  • Advantage 7
    Advantage 7

    The integrated barbed hooks at the bottom avoid moving the surface, Terra-Grid is firmly anchored to the ground.

  • Advantage 8
    Advantage 8

    The expansion elements on the composite system completely absorb the material expansion during temperature fluctuations.

We do not just talk about a system, we have it

The laying of Terra-Grid E 35

TERRA-GRID E 35 is placed on the existing ground, briefly aligned and connected to the already existing layers.

Detailed information can be obtained with our installation instructions or our installation recommendations.

You can find information on size, material and plate dimensions of Terra-Grid E 35 in our product description.