Our products for ground fasteners

The grass reinforcement system, made in Germany, of 100% recycled material. Versatile with and without substructure. In all areas of horse sport, as riding mats, paddock slabs and open-fitting, as well as in the active facility with TERRA-GRID E 35.

TERRA-GRID E 35 is the world's leading product in the general and civil aviation sector in the area of ​​reinforcement and stabilization of the runway and taxiway.
In combination with our BIG markers, you can mark your runways permanently and safely.

Greened or filled areas are ideal for parks and parking lots with TERRA-GRID E 35. Direct laying on existing lawns without further substructure are unique properties of our plastic railing. Fire brigades can be installed according to legal requirements.


Specially developed for horse keeping, and for years successfully on the market. TERRA-GRID E 35+ is suitable for installation without a substructure. The unique combination of solid partitioning with a plastic plate and our paddock panels TERRA-GRID E 35, gives you a safe and effective ground mounting in paddock construction and riding arena construction.


We offer you as an accessory for our floor mounting systems. Our geotextiles are used to reduce the load-bearing layers. Different thicknesses and materials are processed according to the application. Drainage mats provide the oppressive water to safely escape from the surface.

Riding Surfaces

We supply complete riding surfaces, starting with the geotextile as a substructure and TERRA-GRID E 35 as a separating layer as well as the pedal layer. Our tread layers are special sands and additives for the whole range of horse sport, whether in the riding hall, riding arena or lunging circle and guide systems.