Grass reinforcement on airfields with TERRA-GRID from novus:HM

Rehabilitation and improvement of runway with TERRA-GRID E® 35

Improved roll behaviour & shorter take-off distance = more safety with TERRA-GRID E® 35

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Rehabilitation and reinforcement of runway with TERRA-GRID E® 35

The airfield's carrying capacity was not sufficient for use with heavy business aircraft. With TERRA-GRID E® 35, use with the PC 12 became possible.

After extensive levelling work and reseeding of the existing runway, TERRA-GRID E® 35 was installed. Here, too, pilots can land safely all year round.

The advantages of TERRA-GRID E® 35

Advantage 1
The area is paved and grassed, but not sealed. The grass runway can be used all year round.
Advantage 2
Start safely, even in wet conditions
Advantage 3
Extended flying season
Advantage 4
Less fuel consumption even at the start
Advantage 5
Shorter take-off distance, less noise pollution
Advantage 6
Avoids mud on the taxiways, no sinking of the aircraft

Perfectly suited for the implementation of a project of this kind:


  • Runway
  • Taxiway
  • Marking
  • Parking

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