Aggregates for riding arena surfaces

Aggregates as required

Our aggregates Novus:HM - fleece chaff and Novus:HM - fibres can be subsequently mixed into the existing footing layer of your riding surface.

In this process, the bales supplied by us are evenly distributed over the surface and mixed in with a roundabout harrow. After watering and rolling, the footing is immediately ready for use.

You only need approx. 1.5 kg Novus:HM aggregates for a 10 cm footing layer,(individual deviations are possible). Matching the riding sand is important for all our products.

Aggregates overview

Novus:HM - fleece chaff

With our fleece chaff as an admixture, you improve the readiness, elasticity, ease of care and moisture-regulating effect.

Novus:HM - Fibres

Our fibres are available pure or as an admixture in the fleece chaff. Fibres act like a root system in sandy soil and primarily improve the stability and shear strength of riding surfaces.

Novus:HM- Special mixtures

Depending on the customer's wishes and requirements, a wide variety of materials can be mixed to ensure simple and user-friendly mixing into the riding arena sand. For example, a higher proportion of fibres is added to the jumping mixtures to improve the shear strength of the ground. We will be happy to advise you.

The aggregates mentioned are only an excerpt from our product range. Further products are available on request.
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