Airfield construction with TERRA-GRID E 35

Improved rolling behavior & shorter take-off distance = more safety

TERRA-GRID E 35 the Grass reinforcement for Airfields

With TERRA-GRID E 35 you get a reinforced grass runway, which is characterized by improved rolling behavior of the aircraft, shorter start distance and the prevention of sinking in bad weather.

In addition you can reinforce grass with TERRA-GRID E 35 also for safety strips, taxiways or parking area can be upgraded without sealing the ground and grass reinforcement. Cable return ways can be fixed in gliding.

A closed area of ​​less than 50% and a load capacity of 160 t / m² allow for a wide range of applications.

Parking and access to hangars can be greened and reinforced.

Application of reinforced runways and airfields with TERRA-GRID E 35

Terra-Grid offers a wide range of grassreinforcement in airfield construction:

  • Runways
  • Safety strips
  • Taxiway
  • Helipad
  • Gas station
  • Parking Area
  • Cable return roads for gliders

Advantages of Terra-Grid E 35 for grassreinforcement for runways

  • Advantages of Terra-Grid E 35 Grassreinforcement
    Advantages of Terra-Grid E 35 Grassreinforcement
    • The grass is reinforced and passable, but not sealed
    • Start safely, even when wet
    • Extended flight season
    • Less fuel consumption also at start-up
    • Short start
    • Avoid mud on the taxiways, no sinking of the aircraft

    Terra-Grid E 35 is the perfect product to provide an optimal foundation for the aircraft on your airfield.

TERRA-GRID E 35 grass reinforcement installed on runway and taxiway

Airfield in Leverkusen reinforced with TERRA-GRID E 35

Installation Grassreinforcement TERRA-GRID E 35 on the runway at EDKL.

Taxiway reinforced with TERRA-GRID E 35

Grass reinforcement for a new Taxiway with TERRA-GRID E 35 of novus-HM.

Please have a look to our other application examples for Terra-Grid E 35 Grassreinforcement in airport construction, e.g. the complete new construction of an airfield.

Marker for runway and taxiway with TERRA-GRID E 35

Approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation

Markings for airfields with TERRA-GRID E 35 reinforcement system

For the clear demarcation of areas, there are our markings for installation in TERRA-GRID E 35. There are no limits to color preferences. The standard colors are white and yellow.

Big Marker for TERRA-GRID

For the marking of runways, according to the regulations on grass runways (ICAO appendix 14), can be done without problems with the help of our big markers.

The grass is reinforced with TERRA-GRID E 35. The Big Markers can represent numbers and lines in the prescribed size. The surface is closed, the grass growth is prevented.

The color of the big markers is executed according to the valid regulations for landing strip markings. Our Big markers are approved by the BAZL.

  • Marking Plugs
    Marking Plugs

    In addition we offer our plugs in different colors for marking.

    The marking plugs are used for:

    • parking
    • Center-Lines
    • taxiway
    • helipads
    • and much more

You will find information on size, material and plate dimensions of Terra-Grid E 35 Grassreinforcement in our product description.