Grass reinforcement on airfields with TERRA-GRID from novus:HM

Runway attachment

Grass runway partly reinforced

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Optimal subsoil with TERRA-GRID E® 35

This airfield is half on a river floodplain, the problems were that in spring and autumn only half of the runway could be used.

Regular flight operations were not possible. The club has reinforced the affected area with TERRA-GRID E® 35. Now it is possible to fly all year round!

The advantages of TERRA-GRID E® 35

Advantage 1
The area is paved and drivable, but not sealed.
Advantage 2
Start safely, even in wet conditions
Advantage 3
Extended flying season
Advantage 4
Less fuel consumption even at the start
Advantage 5
Shorter take-off distance
Advantage 6
Avoids mud on the taxiways, no sinking of the aircraft

Perfectly suited for the implementation of a project of this kind:


  • Runway
  • Taxiway
  • Marking
  • Parking

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Stable parking area with TERRA GRID E 35