Ground and grass reinforcement in landscaping and civil engineering

Camping site

Solid ground for motorhomes and caravans

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Permanent reinforcement of campsites

Wet weather, poor ground conditions are a negative aspect for any campsite.

With TERRA-GRID E® 35, the soils on campsites can be permanently fixed without permanently changing the appearance. Green lawns or the beach feeling at coastal camping sites are preserved.

The campers have solid ground under their feet and the caravan. There are no ruts when manoeuvring, arriving and departing are no problem.

The advantages of floor grids TERRA-GRID E® 35

Advantage 1
The complete substructure can be saved.
Advantage 2
The existing lawns are simply fixed with TERRA-GRID E® 35 ground grids.
Advantage 3
Immediate greening of the area after laying is given.
Advantage 4
The large contact surfaces on the inside of the TERRA-GRID E® 35 floor grid distribute the soil pressure evenly.
Advantage 5
The area is paved and drivable, but not sealed.
Advantage 6
The surface of TERRA-GRID E® 35 is studded, thus providing an optimal grip.

Areas of application in landscaping & civil engineering


  • Car park
  • Camping site
  • Fire brigade access & circulation
  • Construction site access road
  • Container parking
  • Roof greening
  • embankment and bank protection
  • Erosion control
  • Bank reinforcement
  • Walking and parking spaces

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Fire brigade access with subbase DIN 14090