Grass reinforcement on airfields with TERRA-GRID from novus:HM

Installation guidelines for TERRA-GRID E® 35

Installation TERRA-GRID E® 35 on runways and taxiways

Runway paved with grass reinforcement grids TERRA-GRID E 35
Cut the grass short.

Easy installation of TERRA-GRID E 35 for runway stabilization

Take TERRA-GRID E® 35 grass reinforcement from the pallet.

Install with the closed side facing up.

Fixed grass turning area for aircraft from novus:HM
Create and align position.

Snap the foot to the layers of TERRA-GRID E 35 already in place.

Connect the panels by a simple click mechanism, using the foot to firmly snap the mats to the existing layers.

Paved grass runway for general aviation with ground grids TERRA-GRID E 35

Roll in the TERRA-GRID E® 35 with a vibratory plate or roller.

Fast installation of grass reinforcement grids TERRA-GRID E 35 for runway stabilization
This is how easy and fast you have installed TERRA-GRID E® 35 without a substructure.

You have successfully installed TERRA-GRID E 35 without a substructure in a time effective manner.

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