Ground for exercise and open stables

Easy-care and robust ground for open stabling

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TERRA-GRID E® 35 is the solution for soil stabilisation in horse keeping

Open stables and exercise areas are the future of horse keeping. The form of active stables in combination with paddocks is quickly and valuably fixed with TERRA-GRID E 35. All needs for horse and operator are met. Near-natural, resilient subsoil fastening for the horses and little effort for the stable owners. Reinforced runs without a substructure are built with TERRA-GRID E 35+.

The advantages of TERRA-GRID E® 35 paddock grids for loose and open stalls

Advantage 1
Hoof care through natural flooring, different tread layers in the entire exercise area. TERRA-GRID E® 35 enables all variants of a sensible walkway and open stable design.
Advantage 2
The large contact surfaces on the inside of TERRA-GRID E® 35 evenly distribute the ground pressure.
Advantage 3
The surface of the TERRA-GRID E® 35 paddock grids is studded and thus offers optimum grip.
Advantage 4
However, the area is not sealed. Precipitation water can seep away if the soil is permeable.
Advantage 5
The expansion elements on the composite system completely absorb the material expansions during temperature fluctuations.
Advantage 6
A special flexibility of the plastic components withstand the demands of the highly sensitive horse leg.

Perfectly suited for the implementation of a project of this kind:


  • Open stable
  • Paddock trail
  • Active stable
  • Foal stable
  • Robust housing

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