Synthetic options for equestrian grounds

You have a riding arena or riding school but the ground isn't optimal?

It is possible to mix the Novus Synthetic Riding Surface Options into your existing tread layer. We offer our Novus: HM nonwovens and Novus: HM fibers.

In doing so, the bales we supply are evenly distributed on the surface and mixed with a rotary harrow. After watering and rolling, the bottom layer is immediately ready.

You only need approx. 1,5 kg Novus: HM – additives with a 10 cm bottom layer (individual deviations are possible). A vote on the Reitsand is important for all our products.

Synthetic Riding Surface Options as required

Novus:HM - Fleece Chaff

With our Fleece Chaff as an admixture we improve the availability, elasticity, ease of care and moisture-regulating effect.

Novus:HM - Fibers

Our fibers are pure or as an admixture in the non-woven chucks. Fibers act like a root system in the sand soil and primarily improve the stability and shear strength of riding floors.

Novus:HM- Special Mixtures

Depending on the customer's requirements and requirements, a wide variety of materials can be mixed to ensure simple and user-friendly mixing in the riding field.

For example, a higher proportion of fibers is added to the jump mixes to improve the shear strength of the soil.

We are happy to advise you.