Riding Surfaces

The program of the Novus: HM in the horse sport is rounded off by high-quality tread layers for various applications. The specialists of Novus: HM have years of experience and reliable partners throughout Europe to offer you a pedal layer that meets the highest demands.

The tread layer as the top layer of a riding field or paddock has special attention; it comes into direct contact with the horse and rider.

Dressage Riders

For dressage riders, we offer an elastic riding floor with high slip resistance, grip and ideal suspension comfort.


For jumpers, we offer a tread layer that protects the chords and joints and offers an extremely high resistance to slipping. Thanks to the special mixture, the hoof is hardly formed and the ground remains water-permeable even at high point loads in the riding sport.

Western Riders

Western riders need a tread that should be slippery and looser. Due to high-quality sand varieties, we offer a loose yet compact soil structure that is nevertheless water-permeable. The floor is ideally suited for cutting, reining, sliding stops and trails.

One solution for each discipline

The Novus: HM tread layers are characterized by high tread and shear strength, they are low-dust, easy-care and water-storing.

Our offer is supplemented by the possibility of applying the bottom layer, compaction and laser-accurate removal.