Horse Keeping & Paddocks

Novus:HM provides system components concerning the ground area for your horse keeping and equestrian sport.

Terra-Grid E 35

Our synthetic grid TERRA-GRID E 35 will optimally consolidate your ground in any field of application. Mud and sludge will be a thing of the past.
TERRA-GRID E 35 is recommended as separation layer by the FLL for construction of riding arenas.

Fields of application with TERRA-GRID E 35

  • Indoor riding ring
  • Outdoor riding arena
  • Trotting- and race courses
  • Round Pen
  • Paddocks
  • Open stable
  • Horse walker
  • Lunging ring
  • Horse trail und paddock access
  • Feed lot and watering place
  • Strorage area
  • Parking- and compound site

Benefits of TERRA-GRID E 35

  • Benefit 1
    Benefit 1

    Installation without foundation is possible on sandy soils, the present surfaces are easily fixed by TERRA-GRID E 35.

  • Benefit 2
    Benefit 2

    The emerging soil strain is dispersed evenly by means of the large contact faces on the inside of TERRA-GRID E 35.

  • Benefit 3
    Benefit 3

    The surface of TERRA-GRID E 35 is nubby and therefore provides optimal foothold.

  • Benefit 4
    Benefit 4

    The area is however not sealed, rainwater can ooze away in soils permeable to water.

  • Benefit 5
    Benefit 5

    Stretching elements of the combined system completely absorb extension of material caused by variation of temperature.

  • Benefit 6
    Benefit 6

    The particular flexibility of the synthetic material meets the demands of the highly sensitive horse leg.

TERRA-GRID E 35 - Your horses would go for it.

We don't only talk about system, we have it

One grid – Two ways of installation

TERRA-GRID is applied to the present ground, slightly adjusted and joined to the existing layers. Usage of machines is not necessary. As TERRA-GRID is plugged in advance a quick and easy installation is enabled.

Option 1

On existing Lawns on well water permeable and sustainable ground with low strain TERRA-GRID E 35 is installed with the closed site up. The open bottom with integrated barbs is well anchoring in the ground.

Option 2

The Installation of TERRA-GRID E 35 on Riding arenas and indoor riding rings, winter runs and paddocks is done with the closed cells of the plate on bottom. A stable surface with large seating is created.
On muddy and less sustainable ground we advise an additional foundation and the utilization of a geotextile.

For tournaments and further events you can apply TERRA-GRID E 35 on top of the existing ground and obtain dry and clean surfaces in front and inside of horse tents, watering places, footpathes and drives, parking areas and accesses.

After the event the plates are detached and the sod is clearly less damaged.

Further information on the installation of TERRA-GRID can be found in our Quick Guides.

Our product line represents the following components:


Due to application of our approved geotextiles you can minimize the expensive foundation with gravel and crushed stone. Drainage mats account for dewatering and ultimate load.

Top Layers

We provide the entire footing with special sand and your requested additions.
We gladly advise you on this topic.

Implementations with Terra-Grid